Frequently ask questions

1. Are there stores where I can buy Futurola products?

Yes, there are a number of stores where you can purchase Futurola products. Visit our Store Locator to find a store near you!

2. Is there an age limit for buying online?

We want our customers to make responsible use of our products. You must be 18 years or older to purchase from our webshop.

3. Are the products really from Amsterdam?

Yes, we are the exclusive importer and the products come directly from Futurola HQ located in Amsterdam.

4. Are these products widely sold in the Netherlands/Europe?

Yes, Futurola is the premier brand in Dutch coffee shops/smoke shops when it comes to papers, rollers, pre-rolleds, etc.

5. What is so special about Futurola rolling papers?

Our papers are the base product of our company.  We have spent years developing and fine tuning our well-crafted rolling papers. It is exclusively produced in France for Futurola by the only company in the world capable of producing 12 gr/m2 paper without any chemical additives. The way the fibres are worked into the paper is unique.  This makes the paper very strong, slow burning, and without residue.

6. Why are Futurola pre-rolleds better than others?

Futurola pre-rolled tubes are made with the Futurola paper. They are produced exclusively for Futurola in Indonesia and at the highest quality control standards. The filtertips are included and fit perfectly in the cones. The shape is a perfect cone and all the tubes are exactly the same, making them very suitable for semi-automated production (i.e. with the Shaker).

7. What are the tubes for?

The tubes are for storing pre-rolled products. The tubes are self extinguishing so if you drop one in a burning spliff and replace the cap, the spliff will extinguish by itself for later use. The tubes come in different colors and different colored caps to distinguish between different products. In the Netherlands alone, we sell 15 million tubes annually.

8. How do I use the rollers?
9. I have used my roller for many years and the matt has worn out

Replacement matts are available and come with instructions on how to replace it.

10. Can I get Futurola products in my store?

Yes, we have wholesale plans, contact us for details.