After a Smokin’ Hot Summer, the Launch of Futurola USA is Truly ‘On a Roll!’  

With Labor Day now behind us, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on the amazing summer we’ve had as we bring Europe’s best brand of smoker’s equipment to America.  In only a few short months, Futurola USA is already hitting the shelves at top stores in the Western U.S. and will soon be available all over the country.  

For many years, American travelers visiting Amsterdam “the smoker’s capital of the world,” have enjoyed our premium-quality rolling papers and accessories in Dutch coffee shops and have asked us where they can get them in the States.  Though we’ve had some small importers bring limited quantities of our products to the U.S. for specialty shops, we hadn’t set up our own U.S. operation until just this year… and thanks to you, we’re off to a great start!  1897856_776041802420512_5648080824553682383_n.jpg


After establishing our new U.S. headquarters in Southern California, we quickly began work on our U.S. webstore at www.futurolaUSA.com and hit the road.  To say that the response has been positive would be an understatement!  From Miami Music Fest in the East, to Coachella’s Music Festival in the West, discerning smokers snatched up our products with wild abandon.  Immediately, we began hearing feedback from customers impressed by Futurola’s fine imported papers, which offer a fresh, smooth smoking experience, while the exceptional equipment make the perfect accessories for roll-your-own enthusiasts who like to craft the perfect cigarette in any environment.  

From there we blazed a trail to the National Cannabis Industry Association Business Summit in Denver followed in quick succession to the San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup, Las Vegas Champs Trade Show and Seattle Hempfest where both legal recreational consumers and medical patients alike discovered why Futurola’s clean-burning, additive-free papers are the top choice in Europe among cannabis connoisseurs.

It’s been such a joy to share our many years of experience in crafting superior smoker’s equipment with consumers of impeccable taste and having the opportunity to see their amazement when they witnessed a demonstration of our patented rolling machine.  The only machine on the market which can roll a perfect king size cone joint in seconds, Futurola’s RYO rolling machine was a must-have device at Seattle Hempfest while patients at San Francisco’s Medical Cannabis Cup stocked up on Futurola’s Mega-Size pre-rolled cones for mega medicating sessions, ensuring an unparalleled experience from the Bay Area’s best award-winning strains.

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Though we’ve had a smoking hot summer already, we’re going to keep on rolling until every U.S. smoker and roll-your-own artist that demands an unrivaled smoking experience with Futurola’s premium products will have the opportunity to do so.  

Look for us at the High Times U.S. Medical Cannabis Cup in Everett, WA this weekend, September 6-7 at Comcast Arena